Artprint Unlimited
On this new site I want to show and sell the images I love, not only my own, but also those of other artists I admire and feel familiar with.

I have been into photography for over 30 years. Although the content of my professional work has had several accents: from news- and sportsphotography to architecture, from wedding pictures to portraits, the fascination for nature- with or without people or buildings- has always remained. The same with the simplicity of the black and white or monochrome pictures.
By nature a lover of experimentation, a large corpus has grown, from land- and cityscapes, portraits, architecture, gumprints, (details of) structures to abstract photography and panorama's.

I like to share the beauty that inspires me.

Writing with light is my starting point!

From 1977 on I have had exhibitions a.o. in Gouda, Rotterdam, Alphen, The Hague, Beverwijk, Hilversum, Bergen.

Apart from individual photographs there are several series for exhibitions available:

Pictures of a blue planet’: a serie landscapes with a strong symbolic impact, toned in blue

Archetypal portraits’: individual portraits with a archetypal touch, gold-toned

‘Traces of Light’: lightrays caught on paper, multi-toned black&white photo’s

‘Memories of Shambhala’: mirrortoned images from nature (1st price Month of Photography Gouda 1998)

‘Meetings with Essence’  & ‘Essence revisited’: flowers and details of flowers in black and white printed on Selenium-toned barytpaper

‘Appearances of a tree’: a serie of Multiple coloured gumprints

‘Zonnestraal’: a serie about the decay and renovation of the former TBC sanatorium Zonnestraal in Hilversum

'Living Structures': a serie of structures in sand, air and water

abstract photography, printed on Alumount

'Westergouwe':panorama’s of a region that's will be developed as a new district of the town of Gouda

Casper Cammeraat